James Chen, Client, Buyer

Tina is a very dedicated real estate professional. She has the knowledge,experience,and good conscience to provide excellent service to her clients. As a buyer, we were totally satisfied with the level of service we received. As amatter of fact,Tina frequently provided helpful service well beyond normal call of duty. We are more than happy to recommend her to anyone!


Maggie C, Client, Buyer

"Tina represented me twice in the past ten years. Recently and on a tight deadline, she was able to locate my dream property in downtown Bellevue and expertly facilitate the purchase. Her real estate knowledge and understanding of the market is outstanding; her personal warmth and enthusiasm are only matched by her savvy, experience, and professionalism. I will definitely work with her again!"


Rachel,  Friend

When you plan to do an investment, whose advice would you ask for, and what character you wish your agent to have? Think it over carefully because it's a long-term money matter. 8 years ago, Tina helped me purchase a condo in Bellevue, where Factoria Mall, high school, and most of living facilities are all within walking distance. The location not only makes it a hot spot in rental market, but also sustained its value during the financial recession. I did not know Tina before, but she found me the exact house I like, and helped manage the rental trifles exquisitely. Her expertise, enthusiam and responsibility toward her job and real estate market, and her caring and most timely assistance is without question. I have dealt with many agents and business people in the past 30 years. I just need someone I can trust. And Tina is the right one.


Mr. Rubin Yu,  Client, Buyer

Tina Chang has been our family’s real estate agent for the last twenty years. During these years she has bought and sold a lot of real estate properties for our family including our sister and brother’s families and their children’s. As a realtor Tina is one of the top realtors in our area, she has never pushed us into any deals, as a matter of fact , she always present us with choices and options in real estate deals. In most cases we have found that she has been very creative in dealing with problems and issues. We have a lot of respect and admirations for her, she always bring us restively the best deals with best values, we are extremely satisfied with her performance . As a person Tina is highly friendly and most likeable; a smiling face is her trade mark. Tina is our best realtor as well as one of our best friends. Rubin and Hui-ling Yu


Dr.Sunny Chernly, Client, Buyer

I was very lucky to have Ms. Tina Chang to help me purchase two houses in the past several years. Always with pleasant surprise and cheerful results, she found my dream home for me shortly. Her prompt service, genuine consideration and true knowledge in the real estate field absolutely win the total trust and reliance from her clients. Without any hesitate, I will always recommend her to any one who needs a real great and trustworthy realtor! Dr. Sunny Chernly


Recommendation Letter


Hi Tina,

Congratulations to you and JingYu Shu for a successful closing!  My sellers are delighted for JingYu and they are certain she will love this home.  I was very impressed with your professionalism and hard work through this.  I have seen your name on many sales and you have a wonderful reputation as a top notch agent. It was so nice to finally be able to work together.  


Now that things are closed, I also wanted to compliment you on your success with this purchase.  A significant reason we decided that your offer was the best is because of the way you handled yourself and presented this offer on behalf of your client.  As the #1 top selling agent for RE/MAX in Washington State, I work with a lot of agents representing foreign buyers.  I am compelled to comment that the way your represented your buyer was of top class.  Time and time again I have seen many agents do a poor job representing their foreign buyers which can lead to a frustrating transaction or worse yet, large financial losses for their clients.  These foreign buyers are relying on their agents to give them good advice and help them navigate this exploding market in which they are unfamiliar with.  Many agents feel that their job stops at showing homes and writing the offer.  But I can tell you spent a lot of time in helping your buyer understand the process and also in helping her find good homes in good areas that will increase in value.  


Before we consummated the contract, we had another buyer willing to match or possibly pay more than JingYu’s offer.  We could have easily used this to escalate her offer higher.  However, because you had gone through such great lengths to strengthen her offer in other ways, we felt this was worthy of accepting it as-is.  One of the noteworthy things you did that really made a big difference was taking your client into the international department at First American Title to have her fully prepared for the process.  Little did you know that my main contact is Alan Lee, the very person you had her visit.  While I was discussing the offers with my sellers, I called Alan Lee.  To my surprise, you had already brought JingYu into his office to discuss the transfer of funds and the closing process.  In 21 years, I have never seen an agent take such great lengths.  Alan told me your buyer was very qualified and well prepared.  He also told me he works with you frequently and that you are a top agent in representation and trusts you.  He told us this would be a good offer to take.  This had a significant impact towards the strength of JingYu’s offer and made my Sellers feel comfortable in moving forward.


I have enjoyed working with you and will look forward to our next transaction again.  Until then, all the best!




Alise Roberts, ABR, ASP, CNE, CRS

"#1" Agent Team 2011-2014- RE/MAX Washington State & 4 State Region (WA, OR, ID, MT)

Top “100” U.S. Agent Teams – RE/MAX International

Winner of SEATTLE Magazine's 5 STAR: Best In Client Satisfaction


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